The Lifesaving Bullet

My life used to be consumed by routine: wake up at this time, go to these activities on these days, watch this late-night show at this slot. If the forces of the universe disrupted my schedule, I would be completely lost for the rest of the day. Then, when I started college, I realized I … Continue reading The Lifesaving Bullet

Hofstra’s Quidditch is Soaring to the World Cup

The Quidditch season is winding down and  the New York Badasslilisks at Hofstra University are sharpening up their skills in this unofficial tournament to prepare for the Quidditch World Cup. Coach Kevin discusses Hofstra's contribution to the community and his route to where he is today. From tackling to scoring, the sport is much more … Continue reading Hofstra’s Quidditch is Soaring to the World Cup

The Importance of Getting Enough Sleep   When the end of the semester approaches, there is a noticeable difference of the mood on campus. Students are a little more groggy, less chipper, and are overall  tired. "You go to bed a lot later and wake up earlier and you go from getting eight hours to about four or six hours" … Continue reading The Importance of Getting Enough Sleep

Cherry Orchard at Hofstra The Department of Drama at Hofstra wrapped up their performance of Anton Chekhov's The Cherry Orchard this past weekend. I had no idea what to expect from the performance, considering I have never studied the playwright. As a theater fan, however, I was really looking forward to what the cast would bring to the … Continue reading Cherry Orchard at Hofstra